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Labour to restate commitment to NATO and Trident nuclear weapons in major speech

Labour will tomorrow stress its commitment to nuclear weapons and NATO as the party tries to repair its reputation with Britain’s Armed Forces.

The link between Labour and the military suffered under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership as he was accused of repeatedly undermining NATO and rendering the Trident nuke deterrent system effectively useless by revealing he would never order the firing of a missile.

That was despite post-war Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee helping form the North Atlantic alliance, and his government pressing ahead with plans for Britain’s first nuclear weapon.

Nearly a year after Mr Corbyn quit as party premier, Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey will reaffirm Labour’s position on security.

A Royal Navy Vanguard-class nuclear submarine, which carries the Trident missile system

Jeremy Corbyn is a veteran anti-nuclear campaigner

Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey, seen here with Mr Corbyn in 2017, will make a decisive break with the party’s former leader

In a speech to the Royal United Services Institute – which was set up by the Duke of Wellington and is the world’s oldest defence think-tank – he will say: “First, Labour’s commitment to NATO is unshakeable; second, Labour’s support for the UK’s nuclear deterrent is non-negotiable.”

The speech comes as the Government prepares to publish its long-delayed Integrated Review of defence, foreign affairs and international aid.

Experts fear the Army will be cut by 10,000 troops and scores of tanks will be scrapped – despite a record £16.5billion, four-year cash pledge from Boris Johnson last autumn.

Mr Healey will stress Labour’s plan to back UK industry with military procurement deals that benefit Britain’s defence, aerospace, shipbuilding and steel sectors.

He will say: “We are the party of sovereign defence capability – we see the steel industry, the shipyards, the aerospace and materials industries as a national asset.

Mr Healey will address the Royal United Services Institute think-tank

Three Fleet Solid Support ships to resupply Royal Navy warships at sea are due to be built in the UK

We want to see a clear plan from Government to enhance these capabilities.

“We want to see, for the good of our country, as much as possible of our equipment designed and built here.”

Unions which represent defence workers hailed the commitments.

Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions general secretary Ian Waddell said: “We very much welcome the clarity set out in John Healey’s speech and what this means for the workforce.

“The cross-party support for the nuclear deterrent will reassure tens of thousands of highly-skilled workers engaged in building our nuclear submarines and the communities that rely on those jobs.”

Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions general secretary Ian Waddell

Looking to the Integrated Review, which is expected to be published shortly, he added: “It is absolutely vital that the Integrated Review has at its heart a long-term industrial strategy for defence, clearly laying out a pipeline of work for our manufacturers.

“That certainty would unlock strategic investment that allows for the UK to maintain its sovereign capability to design, manufacture and maintain vital equipment for our Armed Forces.

“The UK urgently needs to give industry the ability to invest in skills, training and world-class facilities, which will pump resources into our regional economies as part of the Covid recovery.

“The alternative of buying off-the-shelf kit from the US might help level up for American workers but would do nothing for our highly-skilled workforce.”

Dreadnought submarines to replace the Vanguard nuclear-armed fleet are under construction

GMB national officer Ross Murdoch said: “GMB supports…

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