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Iowa Supreme Court sides with Davenport over removal of civil rights commissioner

Justice Brent Appel issued a 32-page dissenting opinion, arguing “independent agencies and the historic case law recognizing the need to protect decision-makers in independent agencies through protection from termination without cause.”

Kilpsch on Friday said, “In all cases I did what I thought was right. I followed the statute, and did the best I could for the community.

“I think it’s great the Supreme Court upheld those decisions,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that it took so long to get that point.”

Davenport attorney Richard Davidson, who represented Klipsch and the city, said the Supreme Court “got the decision right based on the law … and this is the final conclusion.”

“The question has been answered and everybody can move forward,” Davidson said.

Bribriesco-Ledger’s attorney, Mike Meloy of Bettendorf, contends the case should have proceeded to trial.

“We are disappointed in today’s opinion,” Meloy said. “We think that Supreme Court Justice Appel’s 32-page dissent highlights the legal issues surrounding the importance of a local and independent civil rights commission. Perhaps the Davenport City Council will now consider amending Chapter 2.58 of the Davenport City Code to establish a ‘For Cause’ standard before a local Civil Rights Commissioner may be removed from office. It is imperative that the City of Davenport has an independent civil rights commission.”

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