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Trump vows to retake White House ‘sooner than you think’ ahead of major speech – live

Former Pres. Trump To Speak At N.C. GOP Convention

Donald Trump is set to give a rare speech to the Republican Party of North Carolina’s annual convention on Saturday evening.

The former president will appear at the event in Greenville, North Carolina, as he is said to be urging friends to push a bizzare theory that he will be “reinstated” to office in August.

Mr Trump is “trying hard” to recruit journalists, politicians and other influential figures to get behind the idea that he can return to the White House, according to the conservative National Review magazine

The idea has become popular with Trump’s MAGA supporters and is based on the idea that Joe Biden’s election victory could be overturned following Republican “audits” of election results in Arizona and Georgia.

Mr Trump kicked off his political comeback with a speech at the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event in Florida in February.

He is also expected to address a CPAC event in Texas next month, and his aides have talked about him possibly holding rallies in Florida, Georgia and Ohio over the summer.


Trump chose NC GOP convention to avoid empty seats

The former president chose to give a speech at the North Carolina GOP convention so that there was no risk of empty seats, according to former RNC spokesman Doug Heye.

“That Trump is doing a state party convention makes sense,” Mr Heye, who is a North Carolina native, told National Public Radio.

“It’s a controlled environment and doesn’t risk the empty seats he could have at a rally — no more football stadiums.”

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Graeme Massie5 June 2021 23:28


Trump allies hoping he does not make bizarre August ‘reinstatement’ claim during speech.

People close to the ex-president have asked him to not publicly talk about his wild idea of being reinstated into office, a report says.

“I conveyed something (to Trump) to the effect of, ‘It would be a terrible idea to even say the word, ‘August’ (at Saturday’s event),’” a person who is in contact with Mr Trump told The Daily Beast.

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Graeme Massie5 June 2021 23:16


Trump hints at returning to White House ‘sooner than you think’ in new video

The former president made the bizarre claim in a fundraising video for the NRSC.

“We’re gonna take back the Senate, take back the House, we’re gonna take back the White House – and sooner than you think. It’s going to be really something special,” he said.

Graeme Massie5 June 2021 22:54


DNC attacks ‘loser president’ ahead of GOP speech

DNC Rapid Response Director and spokesperson Ammar Moussa was critical of the one-term president before he takes to the stage in Greenville.

“More than 400,000 dead Americans, millions of jobs lost, and recklessly dangerous rhetoric is apparently not enough for Republicans to break with a loser president who cost them the White House, Senate, and House,” said Mr Moussa.

Graeme Massie5 June 2021 22:52


CNN’s Jim Acosta says Trump ‘should get help’ if he believes in August return to White House

Mr Acosta added: “You are not well sir.”

And he continued with a musical reference for the one-term president’s supporters.

“Same goes for the GOP. It’s as if much of the Republican Party is trapped in a Jimmy Buffett tune in Mar-a-Lagoville, ‘looking for that next election to assault, some people claim that there is an orange man to blame, but I know it is my own damn fault.’”

Graeme Massie5 June 2021 22:31


Trump looking forward to addressing supporters in North Carolina

The former president issued a statement on Friday saying that he was excited to take to the stage again.

Mr. Trump said in a written statement on Friday that it is “a great honour to be speaking at the North Carolina GOP convention” on Saturday night.

“I understand the place will be packed, all records broken!” he said.

Graeme Massie5…

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