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White House dismisses Trump appearance at CPAC- follow live

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The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) opened on Thursday in Orlando, Florida, with ousted president Donald Trump as its headline speaker to appear on Sunday in his first public engagement since leaving the White House for Mar-a-Lago a month ago.

Trump is widely expected to announce a 2024 presidential run during his speech at the four-day gathering, which is entitled “America Uncancelled”.

Former Trump ally Nikki Haley, however, herself seems cancelled after being excluded from the confirmed speakers list. Haley was reportedly snubbed by the president after she spoke out against his role in the US Capitol riot.

This year’s CPAC is likely to be unusually fraught given that the Republican Party is currently mired in internal conflict following the riot, with pro-Trump loyalists and establishment moderates locked in a feud that could determine its future.

Despite a letter circulated by GOP senator Rick Scott this week argued that the “Republican civil war is cancelled”, Marjorie Taylor Greene stoked the flames of conflict by calling her colleagues like Liz Cheney who turned on Trump “fools” disconnected from the party’s base.


CPAC includes a “samurai futurologist”

Not to delegitimize the work of my colleagues and me, but you can learn much of what you need to know about American politics from merch tables.

Feast your eyes on the latest crop from CPAC, as captured by The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel.

Josh Marcus26 February 2021 02:16


The GOP isn’t about “cancel culture,” except sometimes at “America Uncanceled” CPAC

Hold on tight for a good old-fashioned, extremely circular Washington DC tale.

As we’ve mentioned, the theme of CPAC this year is “America Uncanceled,” whatever exactly that means.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and representative Liz Cheney had an awkward moment on Wednesday when Mr McCarthy told a reporter it was appropriate for former Trump to speak at the conference, while Ms Cheney said the exact opposite, that she doesn’t believe “he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country.”

Then Mr McCarthy told Fox News that he doesn’t believe in cancel culture, that the GOP is a “party of ideas,” and said Ms Cheney criticizing the president was “wrong” and itself part of that nasty cancel culture that doesn’t leave room for opposing ideas.

“The idea that a Republican would join with a cancel culture I just think is wrong,” he said. “It’s beyond just having a difference of opinion.”

Ah, that clears things up.

Josh Marcus26 February 2021 00:18


Florida lawyer wants to fly “Welcome Insurrectionists!” over CPAC

With the impeachment over, it might seem like many have moved on from thinking about the January riots at the Capitol, but Daniel Uhlfelder sure hasn’t forgotten.

Josh Marcus25 February 2021 23:33


In case you need any more proof of the divided GOP

For some conservatives, CPAC is a major day on the political calendar. For others, it is “cringe.” Welcome to the Republican party in 2021, post-Trump 2020, perhaps pre-Trump 2024.

Gab, the no-holds-barred social media network popular with right-wingers, said on Thursday the entire event is “cringe” and “Trump’s speech is the single only thing worth watching from it.”

In other words, just because the former president might be sharing a lectern with these people, it doesn’t mean they’re united.

Josh Marcus25 February 2021 23:19


Will CPAC acknowledge the 2020 election results were valid? Seems…unclear

The majority of Republican voters believe the election is invalid, according to a recently released survey. The poll was conducted by R Street Institute, and found that 67 per cent of Republican respondents thought the 2020 election was invalid.

Graig Graziosi has the latest on where GOP America…

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