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Trump’s Loyal, ‘Low Profile’ Money Man Could Bring Him Down

When leaders of The Trump Organization would prepare important documents like asset evaluations or taxes, there were usually only two people in the room: Donald Trump and chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg.

To this point, prosecutors are still searching for ways to flip Weisselberg against his boss. And Trump is Trump. But according to a source with direct knowledge of the company’s inner workings, the man who brought the original documents and tranches of raw data to Trump and Weisselberg—the man who might know how those documents changed in those rooms over the course of more than three decades—is Jeffrey S. McConney.

McConney, a senior vice president at the Trump family empire, was brought in to testify before the grand jury in recent weeks—in the same expansive probe that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is using to potentially indict former President Trump and others, as ABC reported last week.

“Think of The Trump Organization as a small, one-teller bank,” Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime fixer and former personal lawyer, told The Daily Beast. “Donald [Trump] would be the president. Allen [Weisselberg] would be the branch manager. Jeff [McConney] would be the teller. Every single transaction was booked through McConney.”

When the company made a big payment, McConney would order someone to cut the check—and demanded to get a final copy with the boss’s signature. If there is something in the vast archives of Trump Organization documents and tax paperwork that prosecutors are trying to use against Weisselberg or the twice-impeached former president, McConney is one of the few people on the planet who would have intimate knowledge of what’s off.

The problem for investigators, however, is McConney has a long-standing reputation in the Trump orbit as a loyal footsoldier, as someone who both despises the political left and keeps his mouth shut, according to people who’ve worked with or known McConney. And that’s particularly true if he knows something that could hurt the Trump family.

When asked about McConney, two words frequently come up with people who’ve moved in and out of the Trump Organization: “low profile.”

He started at the Trump Org. in 1987, according to his LinkedIn resume. And though his exact title has changed over those 34 years, his role has remained the same: the guy in charge of the books.

Four people who’ve worked with or know McConney independently described him as a generally quiet and diligent numbers man at Trump Tower. They said he keeps his head down amid the controversies and louder personalities that have often defined the family empire. And Trump has personally commended McConney for his years of loyalty. At the moment, there is little fear in the upper ranks of Trumpworld that McConney would turn on the former president or harm Weisselberg in his grand-jury testimony, according to these sources.

“He takes instruction well, and has followed orders faithfully and very carefully,” one of these people said.

McConney is generally well-liked at Trump Tower, and has gained a reputation as being, among other things, “not a blabber,” according to another source with knowledge of the matter.

Calls and emails to McConney went unanswered. And The Trump Organization did not respond to requests for comment.

In describing his politics, which the Trump Organization controller usually keeps private and among friends, this source added that McConney “hates liberals, thinks New York was being run to shit by [Mayor Bill] de Blasio, and said Obama was terrible for business. A true, rank-and-file Republican voter.”

During certain stages of Trump’s 2016 presidential run, McConney was also there, quietly working in the background. He was one of the main Trump Org. lieutenants overseeing the preparation of the financial records that Team Trump released during the 2016 campaign, according to a person familiar with the matter.

And throughout the decades, well before the…

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