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Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST
Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST

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Welcome to Politics 365, a Service of the Afshar Group!

Shahriar Afshar | CEO & Founder

My life’s passion has always been bridge building, economic empowerment, public engagement, elevating the disenfranchised, embracing technology & innovation and advancing social entrepreneurship. That’s why I created the Afshar Group.

During my 25 years in government, I led $500 million waterfront development projects, established new departments like Development Services and Government & Civic Relations and built diverse and multi-disciplinary A-teams. I was a public speaker at countless trade, professional and civic groups, and a spokesperson with the mainstream TV/print media. I hosted visiting foreign dignitaries and built regional and national grassroots advocacy campaigns to engage civic leaders and members of the US Congress. I worked with Fortune 100 companies to advance free trade and economic diplomacy in Washington, DC. I am an active board member with several nonprofits and continue to support philanthropic causes at every opportunity.

Through my career, I was fortunate to build many lasting relationships worldwide, learned a lot of valuable lessons and I hope, had a positive impact on the lives of the people I touched and the communities I built.

Nowadays, I think of myself as a recovering bureaucrat practicing social entrepreneurship in public engagement, transformational technology and Autism awareness, while fighting food insecurity, by creating a network of podcasts channels like Politics 365!

On Politics 365, we engage political leaders, campaigns and issues that matter to you from city hall to Capitol Hill. Political rhetoric can be very compelling, infuriating and inspiring without much accountability. As a career public affairs professional with over 25 years in all facets of government, politics and public relations, I have learned to separate rhetoric from reality. That’s what Politics 365 is all about.

All of our news podcasts channels are connected and designed to help you grow, promote and develop your ideas, businesses or projects. If you advertise on one, you get exposure, hits and impressions across our public service news network and podcasts. If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, partnering or sponsoring any of the above platforms, or taking advantage of our consulting services, please message me so we can change the world together.

Thank you!

Shahriar Afshar

The Afshar Group 

[email protected]