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Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST
Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST

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We are offering internship opportunities to talented professionals that want to use our podcast platform to get their dream job

The elevator pitch is that we have recently launched a social entrepreneurship venture via four podcast news channels that are focused on advancing public engagement in autism, technology, politics & public service.  We record about 2-3 podcasts a week and after editing, publish it on our social media networks. 

However, everything else before and after a podcast needs a producer or editor to help us identify or manage compelling topics, insightful speakers, probing questions, timely programing, key takeaways, engaging social media promotion, quality control, publishing weekly E-Newsletters and targeted business development (subscriptions, advertising & partnerships). 

We are looking for thoughtful interns, volunteers and contributing Associate Editors & Associate Producers to help bring it all together. And in return, each participating intern would get:


  • Learn podcast production, business development, social media entrepreneurship, (WordPress) website management. 
  • Become the Associate Producer or Contributing Editor of your chosen podcast(s) news channel with full credits
  • Have direct input on developing the podcast content/questions and topics/speakers.
  • Be able to publish any of your related academic work as a blog post & promote it on our podcast network. 
  • Build your own relationships with the speakers, their staff or the organizations we interview. 
  • Receive a letter of recommendation and use our name as a referral on job applications (after 6 months).
  • Get a personal referral to anyone in our 10,000+ personal and professional networks. 
  • After 6 months, you can co-host any podcast you have worked on.
  • As a social enterprise, we open to exploring or launching a spin-off program, business or startup with you. 
  • And last but not least, you get 50% of any advertising revenue that you generate while you are with us.  

Please review the attached details of each of our podcast news channels and if you share our vision, I hope you’ll join us. We haven’t figured everything out yet but this feels like the right thing to do and with your help, we will make a difference. 

Thank you! 

Shahriar Afshar

Podcast Host & Founder

The Afshar Group

[email protected]

The American School of Public Service

The American School of Public Service is where we engage veteran public servants and learn best management practices in a nonpartisan and political free zone. Obviously after 25 years in government, our host, Shahriar Afshar, grew up in public service and can speak to this field as an expert and open up timely & probing inquiries in each episode. This podcast channel is getting some good attention and you can see some recent interviews on the front page. www.PublicServiceSchool.com

Politics 365

Politics 365 engages political leaders, campaigns and issues that matter from city hall to Capitol Hill.  We want to interview every elected leader we can to better understand what drives them, what issues keep them up at night and what the public needs to better understand about the politics in their town, state, country and planet. As a career public servant, I’ve worked with elected officials from San Diego to Washington, DC and I know what matters to them and you. The sky’s the limit on this podcast channel.   www.Politics365.com


US CAN TEC profiles tech change agents, transformational ideas and match startups with investors in US & Canada. We love tech and due to our expansive network, startups keep coming to us asking for introductions, access and public affairs support. So we launched a platform to tell their story but more so, this is just cool! We get to mingle and learn from startups, entrepreneurs & most importantly technologies that can change the world.   www.USCANTEC.com

Autism Spa

Autism Spa needs no explanation. As a special needs parent, I wanted to create a platform to help stressed out parents, engage, learn & renew while featuring therapies, technologies & trends that can make a difference in their lives. People reach out to us all the time, sometimes in tears, grateful that they found a partner or a voice for their loved ones. Others have an autism tech solution which creates its own synergies. And to top it off, we are actively looking to partner with local & national spas to offer discounts to special needs families that need a break. How cool would that be? www.AutismSpa.com