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Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST
Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST

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There are three levels to get involved, invest & benefit from your participation on our platforms.  All of our advertising, subscription & partnership opportunities are designed to open doors for you, help you build lasting connections and improve your competitive position. 

What’s Your Story?

Your story is unique and we want to hear from you.  Truth is there is no marketing plan that anyone could come up with that is more compelling, real and direct than your story in your own words. Your story is unique. It speaks to your audience. And it’s personal. What else is there? That’s why we created this podcast news channel so we can prioritize your story as our featured article, along with all the other news of the day that supports your industry. Of course, we still have all the standard tools of the trade such as E-newsletters, banner campaigns, subscription plans, social media and strategic marketing initiatives that support your business, product or service. 

We have created a series of complementary and inter-connected podcast news channels that support you so when you advertise on one channel, you are reaching out across our expansive network, creating synergies, efficiencies and better results. 

Your audience has to know where you fit in your industry so they can make an informed decision about you. We’ll help them get there with a few accelerators like our news podcast channel, updated several times a day to keep fresh eyes on fresh news.   

Here is the single most important takeaway you need to remember about us. Once you join our podcast alumni and tell us your story, we are vested in your success.  We are in the win-win business and that’s it. This may not be a brilliant marketing strategy but it feels like the right thing to do. We want to vest in your success so let us make your story, our story. Here’s how we can get there, together. 

Our Monthly Advertising Plans are designed to continuously & seamlessly promote your products, services and objectives on our platform.   


$50/month per Podcast Platform 

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$75/month for two Podcast Platforms

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$100/month for three Podcast Platforms

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$125/month for four Podcast Platforms 

(Includes banner in four E-newsletters)