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Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST
Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST

Politics 365 Podcast Interview with Sina Azodi on US-Iranian Relations (Farsi Episode)

Sina Azodi is a PhD Candidate in International Relations with a focus on Nuclear Policy. He has a B.A & M.A. from the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. Sina has experience working at the National Security Archive, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at Princeton University’s program on Science and Global Security. Sina specialties in Iran ( domestic and foreign policy), JCPOA, Nuclear policy, Nuclear Proliferation, National Security, Political Islam, Middle East, U.S. Foreign Policy.

The Sina Azodi Episode Part 1 or 2

The Sina Azodi Episode Part 2 of 2

The Iranian Revolution of 2022 is an independent podcast series at Politics365.com aimed at connecting, uniting and empowering the many voices of the Iranian people, activists, academics, think tanks & political leaders in the hopes of shaping a constructive conversation on the future of Iran. No one is in charge here and no one person can be the voice of the Iranian people, this struggle or what the future should look like. If you would like to hear from a leader, please drop us a line at [email protected].

The Farsi Episodes of the Iranian Revolution of 2022 will be broadcast on KIRN 670AM Iran Radio in Los Angeles on Sunday mornings at 9am on the Politics 365 Podcast Show with Shahriar Afshar.

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