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Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST
Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST

Politics 365 Podcast with Dr. Shohreh Ghasemi & Sanaz Hakimi Iranian Human Rights Issues (Farsi Episode)

Dr. Shohreh Ghasemi is an a noted physician and Iranian human rights activist. International affair of Iranian oral maxillofacial association (2016-2019) CEO, manager and general practitioner of the Dream dental med clinic in Tehran. (2013 till present) Professor of community college of Tehran. (2016 till now) Instructor of 15 aspects of labor ministry of Iran. (2016 till now) International medical advisor of Dr ZEIN OBAGI (2017 till present) Medical advisor of Sinclair pharma (2016 till present) Partner and representative of Cristalix (2018 till present).

Ms. Sanaz Hakimi is an Iranian-American Human Rights Activist.

Dr. Ghasemi Episode Part 1 of 2

Dr. Ghasemi & Ms. Hakimi Episode Part 2 of 2

The Iranian Revolution of 2022 is an independent podcast series at Politics365.com aimed at connecting, uniting and empowering the many voices of the Iranian people, activists, academics, think tanks & political leaders in the hopes of shaping a constructive conversation on the future of Iran. No one is in charge here and no one person can be the voice of the Iranian people, this struggle or what the future should look like.

The Farsi Episodes of the Iranian Revolution 2022 Podcast Series will be aired on KIRN 670AM Iran Radio in Los Angeles on Sundays at 9am PST.

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