Politics 365 Podcasts Series: Iranian Revolution of 2022 with Barbara Slavin at the Atlantic Council

The Iranian Revolution of 2022 is an independent podcast series at Politics365.com aimed at connecting, uniting and empowering the many voices of the Iranian people, activists, academics, think tanks & political leaders in the hopes of shaping a constructive conversation on the future of Iran. No one is in charge here and no one person can be the voice of the Iranian people, this struggle or what the future should look like. We are simply here to amplify the voice of the Iranian people, keep the conversation going & ensure the Iranian people choose their own futures. Each week, we engage with thoughtful luminaries, think tanks, policy makers, media influencers, human rights activists & change agents committed to the success of the Iranian people in their struggle.

In this episode, we hear from Barbara Slavin, Director, Future of Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council, Washington Correspondent at Al-Monitor and long time Iran expert on current events in Iran.

​If you would like to suggest a podcast guest or topic, please drop us a line at info@Politics365.com. All constructive feedback is welcome and all destructive feedback will be ignored. ​#WomanLifeFreedom #FreeIran #IranianRevolutions2022​

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