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Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST
Two new shows every Sunday at 9am PST

Politics365.com Podcast with Zak Carter KIRN670AM, Los Angeles, CA (English)

Work as a director at Free and Equal Elections Foundation – freeandequal.org – for which I
co-produced an open presidential debate that was moderated by Larry King in 2012. Broadcasters
included Al Jazeera, Free Speech TV, ORA TV, Link TV and C-SPAN. We built a coalition of over 40
supporting organizations to help spread the word, and the audience was estimated at 20 million –
enough to trend top 10 on Twitter, Jimmy Kimmel made fun, Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC devoted
a segment in support, and the Sunday talk shows all spent a few minutes talking about it – and
we’re on a mission to make all that look like a warm up in 2024!

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